Thursday, 27 October 2011

B In On Trend Make-Up Try.

 So, as promised I have make-upped my friend and we have a few pictures of the results.

My absolutely gorgeous friend Bethanie was my model for this make up try.  I went for the estee lauder lipsticks 'rose tea' and 'fig' together.  This looks coming away from the purple and more into the dark red/burgundy.  

I was very pleased with the result although if I try it again I am going to go even darker with the lips, and perhaps slightly lighter with the eyes includng prominent eye-liner.  

As for eye make up I used an eye-shadow palette I bought from Accessorize a while ago. Random place to buy make-up but it had lots of colours I couldn't resist.  I first just brushed the eyes with a chrome colour.  Then to brighten it up I used a pearly white colour and brushed it carefully on the eyelid. Then I used an eyeliner pen from Bonjour Paris in black and outlined the base of the eye-lashes.  And for mascara I used Estee Lauder's Perfectionist mascara. 

Andrea :)

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