Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sporty Spice

Recently I have decided to get back into running.  I live on a lovely road passing fields (tranquil, no one's majorly bright headlights shining in my face blinding me).  So this has inspired a Sports Luxe  post.  This look is very in right now and I'm going to be honest, I didn't like begin with!  However it has grown on me particularly (and very strangely) the mix of metallics. So I've done some research and found some key designer pieces sporting the trend. You might see me out running in one of these sports luxe dresses the summer obviously.
Anyone who know's Alexander Wang knows that as much as this is predictable of him it is also VERY great.  I love his oversized quirky and shapless pieces and this tee looks great with the brogues and jeans.  Love it. I found this image on Elle and felt the look was comfy and stylish at the same time.

But we all know that Karl took out his own range on Net-a-porter which is just luscious.  I want every single thing.  His range definitely meets the sports luxe, here is some of his key pieces, things that are sporty and what I generally want anyway:

We also have dresses following the Sports Luxe trend; yellow being Michael Kors; coral being Alexander Wang :

Thursday, 2 February 2012

One to watch

I know I know, 2 blogs in one day...aren't you all lucky. I really couldn't wait to share this though.  So tonight I watched the London College of Fashion's MA Fashion Design final graduates catwalk show which streamed live from 8pm.

At the end was Hana Cha and I actually started smiling because I was so blown away by her collection, it was fabulous. One to watch.

Here is a link including background into her latest work: 

this is her collection, the winning womenswear collection:

So if you missed the show, then here is a link to view galleries of the students work. If you scroll down, you will see the list in order of showcase on the left of the screen.

February is here...

So, I should apologise sincerely for my complete lack of anything blog-worthy over the LONG month of January. Through coursework and exams to then working the rest of my time off before uni I didn't have anything exciting inspire me over the weeks. 

It's a new year, which can mean a fresh start.  Usually I don't believe in all that nonsense of changing yourself just because it's a new year.  If you want a fresh start, you can have it any time - life's too short.  However, I might be more into the concept than I let on.  I recently decided to have, quite a change, of hairstyle.  Given, I have been wanting this hairstyle for quite some time.  I just plucked up enough courage to do it last Friday.  I have indeed been very inspired by Freja Beha Erichsen, which from the photo you can hopefully pick up.  Obviously I'm no where near as beautiful, stunning or original as this talented lady mind you.  But since she is a fashion model/icon I thought this worthy of a blog post.  

 my new do:


more inspiration:

Monday, 5 December 2011

'Granny please knit me an embarrassing Christmas jumper...'

I never had the joy of being knitted a, perhaps sometimes cringe-worthy, Christmas jumper.  However I don't need to because they are flocking the high street.  There are so many christmassy jumpers both high street and designer-wise. Here are a few I have picked out:


This is one of many from the same style of jumper. There's the pheasant, a jack russell/beagle (not entirely sure which because to me it looks like a jack russell and to others a beagle) ducks, a bunny and a corgi. So cute go check them out. Not entirely christmassy, but tick the box for a cosy winter knit including something cute for an animal person. They are quite pricey but it's the wool mix you're paying for.


This one, if I had to pick out of the penguin or reindeer that are also available would be the one. I just love a snowman.  I do however think it's quite pricey for the quality of wool being 99% acrylic (compared to joules for not much more being cotton, lambswool and angora).  Still very cute and sparks lots of Christmas cheer.

Jil Sander | £1,040

I could actually criticise this jumper to the bitter end. For a measley £1,040 what an UGLY jumper.  It just makes my eyes go all funny and brings on an instant migraine. If anyone, which I'm sure a few pretentious and far too rich for their own good types, buy this I would instantly question their overall sanity. Attention to detail is down to a tee with the ribbed trims and mid-weight cashmere (also being 100% cashmere, but's it's Jil Sander, of course it's 100% cashmere.) I just judge the lack of co-ordination with the colours. I know it's all about the colour-blocking for this label this season but it's just over-powering. Apart from the amazing quality of the garment, which is expected anyway, I have nothing good to say about this jumper.

Andrea :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Happy 1st of December!

I can never get into the Christmas mood in November.  I can also never get into the Christmas mood when I have a list of things to do up to my eardrums (involving coursework and other busy factors in my life) to get through first.  So, opening my very childish yet very nostalgic Thomas the Tank Engine advent calander this morning sparked a glitch of Christmas Cheer.

So being the first of December and being Thursday late night shopping, the high street has taken it by storm.  There is lots happening in stores all around Aberdeen tonight giving away goodie bags and discounts galore.  I happen to know one particular store that is going out of their way this evening with discount.  Possibly because I work there. White Stuff have a 20% off night tonight serving glasses of wine and champagne along with nibbles and some sort of pankake flipping/sweetie in a jar counting competition too.

sign up today for 20% off
I happen to know that those two ladies are the longest working seamstresses for White Stuff.  And still do it! They're in their late 80's and apparently lovely ladies.

Bon AccordSt Nicholas

Union Square and Bon Accord and St Nicholas Centre are also open until late and there will be deals on and goodies given away in particular stores.

Andrea :)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Scarf Collection

So I absolutely LOVE scarfs...

I love pashminas. If you have known me for a long time you will know that I tend to wear pashmina scarves a lot. I think they work as a winter scarf to keep you cosy instead of a wooly one occasionally. I mainly shop for them at european/continental markets as they give you a huge variety (I find it so hard to limit my choices). They also give you good deals e.g. buy two for £10.00 etc.  They are definitely one of my key everyday accessories.

This is just a tiny collection of the many pashminas around my house, me and Mum tend to share them :), however finding a specific one is such a hassle! 

Some of these scarfs below have been fished out of my mums Mary Poppin's style box of scarfs! This is from her time of 90's office attire where she would wear a fancy neck scarf along with her suit! She doesn't do that anymore (thank god) so they're mine! I did find the original Biba scarf however in Copenhagen this past summer from a vintage boutique.

I also adore a good quality wool scarf.  Especially when you know its been made here in the UK.  I just love my Highland Tweeds scarfs and if I remember correctly they were really good price-wise.  I also love my furry scarf, however I have been told very severely to NOT wear it with my new, similar in colour, fur coat. As if I would?

Andrea :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

1920's Beauty

After seeing the final episode of Made in Chelsea's season 2 tonight, I was speechless with the beautful theme, 1920's.  Watching and wishing I was stepping out of an old fashioned car in a beaded/embellished gown and fabulous vintage accessories...  

Except I wasn't, just an admirer sitting on the couch at home in the most unlikely of places to come across a party of such extravagance.   

So, I decided to do a bit of investigating for garments along the trend of the 1920's.  I have already noticed that there is quite a lot of fashion today depicting that era.  Here are some images of high street brands and retailers who are including this style and trend in their ranges.  

French Connection | Dorothy Perkins | Tophsop