Friday, 14 October 2011

Tatty, Beautiful Aged Boots.

Family and happy memories from my past keep me from getting too caught up in the superficial and petty nonsense that comes with young adult life.  For example I think back to long Sundays at my Granddad’s farm.  Where there was something new and exciting to discover all the time. Hard work and dedication right at my feet.  It reminds me of where I come from and what I truly appreciate. That memory is very significant in keeping me grounded.

When it comes to fashion I find old garments, items with a past and a story keep me ‘fashionably grounded.’

I spent afternoons as a child lavishing over my mums long wardrobe floor full of SHOES. Putting them on, sitting on them and just basically desiring them.  Mum said "when you grow up you can wear them when your feet are a bit bigger." I always thought that typically we would have different shoe sizes once my feet were fully-grown.  My shoe size is 5.5 and Mums is 6…that will do!

So I found these amazing boots lying on her wardrobe floor one day. There was quite a long gap between the ages of playing with my mum’s shoes as a child to finding a love for them fashionably.  
At a more mature age I understood how stylish and on-trend some of my Mum’s old clothes, shoes and accessories really are. 

I found them in the summer of 2009.  They have been on trend every season since because they are lace-up, short, leather and classic.  The first day I wore them to work, no word of a lie, a girl my age came in and asked me where I got the boots.  She said “I have been looking for a pair exactly like that for ages, WHERE did you get them?” I answered that I got them in Marks and Spencer's.  The truth is my Mum bought the boots in M&S 20 years earlier.  I didn’t lie as such to the girl, just adjusted the truth slightly.  However I did not feel the slightest bit guilty.  When I found the boots I knew there were lots just like them around the high street.  The first thing I did was look up boots on Marks and Spencer’s website.  There was more than one pair similar if not identical to the style available in 2009. I merely didn’t want to disappoint the curious young lady.

The cat got a hold of them one day and dug her claws into the lovely leather.  She, just like her fashion crazy owner is obsessed with shoes! She just loves them, but in a cat way by destroying them. However the damage is done and the boots have never looked better.

In certain lights you don't notice the scratches and in others you do.  Either way I don't mind because the scratches give the boots a worn, aged and edgy look which reminds me of an All Saints or Urban Outfitters item. 

After my very first blog I would like to conclude that everyone should look through there mothers/fathers wardrobes. Discover something like I have. You'll often find that their fashion sense has been brought back to us in an up-dated version. The very fact is those boots have lasted 20-25 years and could double that and still be in amazing condition.  Clothing, shoes and accessories just aren't made like that anymore. 

Andrea :)

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