Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Scarf Collection

So I absolutely LOVE scarfs...

I love pashminas. If you have known me for a long time you will know that I tend to wear pashmina scarves a lot. I think they work as a winter scarf to keep you cosy instead of a wooly one occasionally. I mainly shop for them at european/continental markets as they give you a huge variety (I find it so hard to limit my choices). They also give you good deals e.g. buy two for £10.00 etc.  They are definitely one of my key everyday accessories.

This is just a tiny collection of the many pashminas around my house, me and Mum tend to share them :), however finding a specific one is such a hassle! 

Some of these scarfs below have been fished out of my mums Mary Poppin's style box of scarfs! This is from her time of 90's office attire where she would wear a fancy neck scarf along with her suit! She doesn't do that anymore (thank god) so they're mine! I did find the original Biba scarf however in Copenhagen this past summer from a vintage boutique.

I also adore a good quality wool scarf.  Especially when you know its been made here in the UK.  I just love my Highland Tweeds scarfs and if I remember correctly they were really good price-wise.  I also love my furry scarf, however I have been told very severely to NOT wear it with my new, similar in colour, fur coat. As if I would?

Andrea :)

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