Thursday, 1 December 2011

Happy 1st of December!

I can never get into the Christmas mood in November.  I can also never get into the Christmas mood when I have a list of things to do up to my eardrums (involving coursework and other busy factors in my life) to get through first.  So, opening my very childish yet very nostalgic Thomas the Tank Engine advent calander this morning sparked a glitch of Christmas Cheer.

So being the first of December and being Thursday late night shopping, the high street has taken it by storm.  There is lots happening in stores all around Aberdeen tonight giving away goodie bags and discounts galore.  I happen to know one particular store that is going out of their way this evening with discount.  Possibly because I work there. White Stuff have a 20% off night tonight serving glasses of wine and champagne along with nibbles and some sort of pankake flipping/sweetie in a jar counting competition too.

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I happen to know that those two ladies are the longest working seamstresses for White Stuff.  And still do it! They're in their late 80's and apparently lovely ladies.

Bon AccordSt Nicholas

Union Square and Bon Accord and St Nicholas Centre are also open until late and there will be deals on and goodies given away in particular stores.

Andrea :)

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