Monday, 5 December 2011

'Granny please knit me an embarrassing Christmas jumper...'

I never had the joy of being knitted a, perhaps sometimes cringe-worthy, Christmas jumper.  However I don't need to because they are flocking the high street.  There are so many christmassy jumpers both high street and designer-wise. Here are a few I have picked out:


This is one of many from the same style of jumper. There's the pheasant, a jack russell/beagle (not entirely sure which because to me it looks like a jack russell and to others a beagle) ducks, a bunny and a corgi. So cute go check them out. Not entirely christmassy, but tick the box for a cosy winter knit including something cute for an animal person. They are quite pricey but it's the wool mix you're paying for.


This one, if I had to pick out of the penguin or reindeer that are also available would be the one. I just love a snowman.  I do however think it's quite pricey for the quality of wool being 99% acrylic (compared to joules for not much more being cotton, lambswool and angora).  Still very cute and sparks lots of Christmas cheer.

Jil Sander | £1,040

I could actually criticise this jumper to the bitter end. For a measley £1,040 what an UGLY jumper.  It just makes my eyes go all funny and brings on an instant migraine. If anyone, which I'm sure a few pretentious and far too rich for their own good types, buy this I would instantly question their overall sanity. Attention to detail is down to a tee with the ribbed trims and mid-weight cashmere (also being 100% cashmere, but's it's Jil Sander, of course it's 100% cashmere.) I just judge the lack of co-ordination with the colours. I know it's all about the colour-blocking for this label this season but it's just over-powering. Apart from the amazing quality of the garment, which is expected anyway, I have nothing good to say about this jumper.

Andrea :)

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